So yesterday me and my boyfriend wade were driving to the supermarket and we saw this little kitten in the gutter getting beaten up by this other cat, we pulled over to go get it. The poor little thing had cuts all over it and looked like it had been on the street for a while. We fed it and looked after it for a bit. Found a nice home for it so hopefully it will be ok now. I did want to keep it but oh well haha.



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New header

Hey guys, I have now again deleted everything from the blog and trying to start again. I still don’t know if this blogging thing is right for me, especially since I will be going to uni soon and will have no free time, we will see though.
I have made a new header on illustrator which is really different from all other headers I have had, but I wanted something fresh. I am not sure if it looks like me much but I like it anyway, what do you think?